Foto: Håkon borg

Foto: Håkon borg


Aiming For Enrike is a duo consisting of Tobias Ørnes (drums) and Simen Følstad Nilsen (guitars) – two true virtuosos that effortlessly construct intricate polyrythmics and grooves to accentuate the strong melodies present on their upcoming album, set for a spring release.

First single out is “Newspeak” with release on March 18th, but it’s already available on YouTube today! The track is a perfect example of the aforementioned qualities that makes this band such a unique addition to the Norwegian music scene. Tobias comments:

 "Newspeak is the opening track on our upcoming album. It´s a good representation of where we are sonically and song-structurally at the moment. Its a groovy pop song with a minimalistic approach and the punk rock attitude of our live performances. Its suitable for both dance floor action, late nights by the fire place and other activities."


 Aiming For Enrike is the newest signing to the fresh and highly ambitious record label Name Music (Luke Elliot, Pil & Bue, Glittertind) started by the same people behind the widely recognized label Indie Recordings

 "We`ve been signed! Name Music will be releasing our new album this spring! We are thrilled to be part of this new and exiting label, and look forward to presenting what we have been working on for the past year."Tobias

 Managing Director, Erlend Gjerde, exclaims his enthusiasm for their newest signing:

 “We're thrilled to welcome one of the most interesting and original new Norwegian acts to Name Music. With their genre defying and innovative style they move from frenetic jazz alike sounds to the more cinematic David Lynch-ish vibe as the most natural thing. And they are a must see live performance by truly amazing performers.”
The duo will be playing at this years By:Larm on Thursday March 3rd at Revolver and Saturday, March 5th at John Dee, Oslo.