The Norwegian duo release their second single titled "No Is The Answer" today! Accompanying the track is a beautiful lyric video made by the talented Marcelo Vasco. The eclectic colorscheme is a perfect reflection of Pil & Bue’s sound. The use of colors reflect the beauty and a longing inherent in the music at the same time as they’re dramatic – emphasizing the powerful lyrical theme.  Watch the video HERE.

The album "Forget The Past, Let's Worry About The Future" is set for release on January 29. Pre-Order HERE.


Pil & Bue (Bow & Arrow in Norwegian) is a duo from the far northern part of Norway that despite their minimal format sounds like a full-blown band. Influenced by shoegaze, rock and prog they deliver ethereal and poppy sounds that are hard to forget. The band creates a substantial, energetic sound that captivates the audience with its dreamy and longing sound, perfectly displayed in "No Is The Answer".