Foto: Jørn Veberg

Foto: Jørn Veberg


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Dagbladet 6/6
Stavanger Aftenblad 5/6
Dagsavisen  5/6
Musikknyheter  9/10   
Fremtiden  5/6
Moss Dagblad  5/6
Rogalands Avis  5/6
I Tromsø 5/6  
Fæderlandsvennen  5/6  
Sunnmørsposten  5/6

Luke Elliot is a unique proposition. He’s gained a level of what nowadays in the music industry is referred to as ‘hype’, yet in actual fact his work ethic, as well as the artistic development he has embarked upon, harks back to the great songwriters of old - the stalwarts of the form who delicately honed their craft: the Leonard Cohen’s, the Bob Dylan’s and Tom Waits’. Luke Elliot, like these artists before him, has tales to tell, and the ability to tell them.

Having started learning the piano at the age of eight, and writing his own songs by the age of thirteen, Luke developed a style that can only be described as timeless. After the release of two tastemaker EPs in his native New York, and an introduction to Rihanna’s original manager, Christa Shaub, head’s began to turn. 


"Trouble" Official Music Video

"Let It Rain On Me" Live at Lindmo, 21.11.2015

‘Dressed For The Occasion’ has achieved great success with it’s release in Norway, breaking into the Top 10 iTunes Album Chart, and also led to Luke performing on the country’s two most popular TV shows, Lindmo and Good Morning Norway, as well as being named one of the world’s five best new artists of 2015 by Tidal. The album also featured highly in all of the end of year lists, including a placing at number one in Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest daily newspaper.

Tidal Rising: Episode 1

Tidal Rising: Episode 2

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