Photo: André Løyning

Photo: André Løyning

date: 24. Feb 2016



The guitar and tuba playing composer Kristoffer Lo was just nominated for a Norwegian Grammy in the category  'Album of the Year'  for his piece 'Savages', which was commissioned for the internationally acclaimed jazz festival Moldejazz in 2014. He is now ready to release his second solo album which he recorded alone playing tuba and flugabone in Norway’s most south lying lighthouse. 

Lo’s solo performances is a journey back to his musical roots; to the tuba and the flugabone, effect pedals, droning and noise. To the deep frequencies and the extended timbres. 

'the Black Meat' was recorded at Ryvingen Fyr set in the mouth of the fjords outside of the Norwegian small town Mandal. Lo was invited to the lighthouse by Norwegian blogger André  Løyning and the result was to be a short documentary.  A few weeks before the departure Lo decided to extend the project and record an album during his stay in the wild and weather beaten surroundings. 

Loads of amplifiers, instruments and recording equipment was shipped out to the light house, which lies approximately 30 minutes from the shore. The many 100s kilos of equipment was then taken by wheelbarrows up to the Ryvingen light house, suited 600 meters from the shore on a hill top. 

This entire process, as well as the preparations for 'Savages', is portrayed in the documentary 'Tåkeluren' (Eng: Foghorn) that had its premiere at the Trondheim documentary festival in 2014, and an international premier on the acclaimed site The Quietus in 2015 (see video above). 

'The Black Meat' was recorded live and at night,  with a full storm outside.  The rumbling from the strong wind,  combined with the rumbling from the tuba and big amplifiers has resulted in a dark and intense record. 'The Black Meat' moves on from Lo’s solo debut with a more metallic like structure, and a harder and longer sound, and a higher volume.

Kristoffer Lo about his music: “I appreciate few notes with a lot of content, rather than many notes with little content.” 

His debut as a solo artist was 'Anomie', recorded in a castle in France together with the very well renowned produces Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Ramones, Primal Scream), released via Gigafon in 2013. 

'The Black Meat' is mixed by Hans Andreas Horntveth and Kåre Chr. Vestrheim in Propeller Studios (Norway), and mastering is done my Morgan Nicolaysen. André Løyning is the artist behind the cover art, together with Per Spjøtvold. The title 'The Black Meat' is taken from the book “Naked Lunch” by Matthew Burroughs.

'Tåkeluren' had its international premiere at the praised music website THE QUIETUS, summer 2015.