Norwegian Grammy winners Kirsti Hauke, Ola Kvernberg and Erik Nylander form the trio «Kirsti, Ola & Erik» - all three are renowned in the Norwegian jazz scene. 

Together with the award-winning composer and violinist Ola Kvernberg, and drummer Erik Nylander, Kirsti Hauke interprets some of her favorite track on the new album “Rags & Silks”. The trio “Kirsti, Ola & Erik” are on this album playing tracks from Nick Cave, ABBA, the Beach Boys, Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Massive Attack, and Lou Reed / The Velvet Underground. These songs are 7 of the three musicians common favorites, and they have, with much respect lying beneath, taken the songs apart and with creative arrangements and instrumentation, put them carefully back together, like fragile relics.

 «Kirsti, Ola & Erik» was founded based on the fellow friends of the musicians. For several years, the three of them has been working close together as musicians as well as having a close friendship. Erik Nylander is also playing in both Ola Kvernberg Trio and Kirsti Hauke Kvartett (Eng.: Kirsti Hauke Quartet). Erik and Kirsti are also participating on Ola’s latest big composition, «Mechanical Fair».

Kirsti Hauke received a Spelleman Award (Norwegian Grammy) in 2014 and was appointed the county musician of the year in Sør Trøndelag, Norway. She has always worked and produced music in many different genres as a vocalist. Ola Kvernberg received a Spelleman Award in 2012 and an Amanda Award (Norwegian Movie Grammy) in 2013 for the best movie soundtrack. The last couple of years he has also been standing out as a brilliant composer and arranger, in addition to being a virtuous violinist. Erik Nylander is a sought after and frequently used drummer within several genres. Known for his genuine beat, his musical expression, and its clear aesthetics. He has previously released a solo album and participate in a number of albums.

Painter Lars Elling overwhelmed Kirsti, Ola & Erik by giving them carte blanche on his artworks for the album cover. The decision fell on the works «Undivided Estates» and «Falling Dream», two paintings that took the breath away from the musicians.

“Kirsti, Ola & Erik” is:
Kirsti Huke - vocals
Ola Kvernberg - violin
Erik Nylander - drums