"Highaskite follow up the megasuccess , 'Silent Treatment', in an exemplary way."
6 of 6 – NRK P3

"The best Norwegian album so far this year."
9 of 10 - Musikknyheter

"'Camp Echo' meets the expectations in the highest degree.."
5 of 6 - Gaffa

"..'Camp Echo' is truly filled with fantastic vocal work, beautiful productional details and many irresistable choruses."
5 of 6 - Dagbladet

"A new magnificent album from Highasakite."
5 of 6 - Dagsavisen

"Music that shines and words that touches on the dark corners of the mind."
5 of 6 - Adressa

"Highasakite keeps building their soundscape, and yet again deliver a strong result."
5 of 6 – Aftenposten

"Highasakites' new album is brave, authoritative and filled with confidence."
5 of 6 – Bergens Tidende

"A solid step forward."
5 of 6 – Sunnmørsposten

"A sparkling album that challenges the pop format."
Vårt Land

Nordic indie stars Highasakite are back! Highasakite is the most selling indie band from Norway today - they even broke the record of longest lasting album on the official national album charts, and are now in week 99 with the previous album! First single “Someone Who’ll Get It” got over 26k plays on Soundcloud first release week. They've also toured the world, with amongst others Of Monsters and Men.

As one of seven detention camps within Guantanamo Bay,  Camp Echo  is a brooding proposition. It’s entrenched in historical discourse, but for Highasakite’s Ingrid Helene Håvik, ‘Camp Echo’ is more a state of mind. It forms the basis of Highasakite’s highly anticipated follow-up to ‘Silent Treatment’ –an effort applauded on both sides of the Atlantic and now claiming the record for longest consecutive run in Norwegian chart history, having spent 99 weeks in the Top 40.

Highasakite is:

Marte Eberson | Øystein Skar | Ingrid Helene Håvik | Trond Bersu | Kristoffer Lo


May 22 - Whelan ́s Dublin, Ireland
May 23 - The Deaf Institute Manchester, United Kingdom
May 24 - Village Underground London, United Kingdom
May 26 - Paradiso Upstairs Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun 24 - Hurricane Festival Scheessel, Germany
Jun 25 - Southside Festival Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany
Aug 20 - Parken festivalen Bodø, Norway





Out 16th of April 2016


«All That Floats Will Rain» is fantastic Highasakite’ s debut album from 2012, and  it  is  now  being  released  in  a  new  physical  outfit.  What  previously  has only  been  available  on  CD,  will  now  be  released  on  physical  formats  such  a great  debut  deserves.  When  this  album  was  released,  one  of  the  major newspapers  of  Norway,  Dagbladet,  wrote  that  the  rest of  the  music-year could  just  as  well  get  cancelled,  because; “Highasakite’s knockout  debut  is an album where each track is a gem more beautiful and distinctive than the one before, coming straight from the heaven of pop.” (6/6).



Out 16th of April 2016


This is the album that really made it for Highasakite. “Silent Treatment” has in this writing moment been over 99 weeks on the official Norwegian album charts! Since the first single “Since Last Wednesday” [watch the music video here] from the album, it went straight to #1 and has stayed on  the  charts  since.  With  this  amazing  album,  Highasakite  won  two Norwegian Grammys (Pop band and new act of the year), toured the world, was the most streamed artist of 2014 in Norway and broke trough on an international market.